Establishing a partnership built on trust and cooperation by maximizing value to clients, collaborating on joint ventures, and giving back in a meaningful way



Founded in 2016, the Consulting Consortium is comprised of award winning boutique consulting firms working in a unique partnership to maximize value for its members and clients. By collaborating with the best in the Consulting industry, we are well positioned to provide differentiated and comprehensive solutions by connecting clients with in-depth expertise and scarce talent. 

In addition, the Consulting Consortium will create opportunity for its members to leverage assets, so they can focus on what they do best – client service.  We deliver on this promise by guiding prospective clients and employee referrals to the members with best fit, jointly developing and sharing knowledge bases and tools for its members, and minimizing costs through shared resources.

Only 1.4% of Management Consulting firms have more than 100 employees(1).  The Consulting Consortium bands together smaller firms to operate at the same level of the 1% - big firm capabilities, delivered by the smaller firms who have a passion and specialty in solving their clients’ most challenging problems.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Management Consulting firms with fewer than 100 employees account for more than 96.5% of all firms in the Management Consulting Industry. Yet, they make up as little as 30% of total industry revenue.

- NAICS Code 54161: (Data released on September 29, 2017)




Share referrals with other associate firms to realize benefits and drive value for clients through best-fit expertise  


Engage in a partnership built on trust, communication, transparency and leadership


Capitalize on the Consortium's global expertise to redefine the standard consulting model and achieve great success as a new path is paved

Geographic Reach

Expand your geographic reach by partnering with firms across the US and the world

Cost Reduction

Reduce back office administrative costs and allow resources to focus on what they do best


Build a competitive edge through shared resources, enabling greater flexibility when choosing clients, project components, or project phases




The Consulting Consortium leverages hundreds of industry experts to deliver a diverse set of top-notch advisory and business improvement services. Our team has deep expertise in telecommunications, technology, health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, consumer goods, and utilities/energy.







Current Associates

Consulting Consortium associates are thoroughly vetted, award-winning, boutique consulting firms. Our pride in our associates is surpassed only by our commitment to our clients.

Leadership Team

Our team is composed of seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs, and consulting professionals dedicated tomaximizing value to both our Clients and Associates.


Michael Wong

Co-Founder, Advisor

David Kaufman

Co-Founder, Advisor

Mike Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Chris McDermott

Chief Operating Officer

Kerby Houff



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