The personalized service of a boutique consulting firm with the breadth of expertise of a large firm - all under a single MSA with a certified, minority-owned supplier



Founded in 2016, the Consulting Consortium is a unique collaboration of award-winning boutique Consulting firms working to maximize value and accelerate success for our clients. We achieve success through partnering in an increasingly competitive and saturated industry, creating opportunities to harness the best of our Associate Network. As members of the Consortium, we bring the resources and capabilities of a big firm with the agility and client-focus of a small one.

Manage fewer vendors, payments, MSAs and RFPs with the Consortium's unique structure


Different Structure, Greater Benefits

Certified Minority-Owned Enterprise

As a minority-owned organization, the Consulting Consortium recognizes and embodies the core values of diversity and inclusion in all we do


We focus on bringing the right people - which means demonstrating both the right skills and values - to deliver collaboratively with our clients and partners


Our Associate Network is comprised of award-winning firms recognized by Fortune, Inc. 500, Consulting Magazine, Vault, and more

Single MSA

The unique design of the Consulting Consortium enables us to provide the capabilities and scale of multiple organizations through a single, easy-to-manage MSA




The Consulting Consortium leverages hundreds of industry experts to deliver a diverse set of top-notch advisory and business improvement services. Our team has deep expertise in telecommunications, technology, health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, consumer goods, and utilities/energy.







Current Associates

Consulting Consortium associates are thoroughly vetted, award-winning, boutique consulting firms. Our pride in our associates is surpassed only by our commitment to our clients.

Leadership Team

Our team is composed of seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs, and consulting professionals dedicated maximizing value to both our Clients and Associates.


Michael Wong

Co-Founder, Advisor

David Kaufman

Co-Founder, Advisor

Mike Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Chris McDermott

Chief Operating Officer

Kerby Houff



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